Mission Statement


Our aim is to educate our students in values such as responsibility and creativity. We will encourage each student to develop and achieve his or her gifts. We improve integration and manage cultural diversity in a climate of respect, tolerance and justice following the Gospel spirit.
We also help students to become equipped for a future in the developing society as responsible and prepared people who can answer to the intellectual and labour world with a positive and professional attitude.


To be a centre of continuous Quality improvement that promotes Christian values based on the Lasallian tradition. To be a centre that answers to the necessities and expectations of the students and families of the city and the region, and it promotes responsible people towards their neighbours. To be a centre that strengthens bonds favouring a good working atmosphere, and the continuous training of professionals. To be a modern, innovator and dynamic centre concerned with the teaching innovations, above all the ones with the which are supported by La Salle Catalonia.
This centre updates the facilities to adapt to the requirements of a world in rapid and constant change, and takes part in the life of the city and the region. A centre that grows in the relationships between school and parents involving the families in the educative project that we share.
In conclusion, a centre that wants to offer an extra in quality, in services and in the accompaniment of the students.

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